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Speaking II Vocab: “Going to the Bank and Post Office”

25 May

Schedule Correction: This vocabulary is for Wednesday June 6th. I am changing the schedule. The boys who were absent this week will be doing the “Going to the Doctor” lesson this coming Wednesday May 30th. Everybody (boys and girls) will meet again in class on June 6th for this lesson, “Going to the Bank and Post Office.”

Koreksi Jadwal: Kosakata ini untuk hari Rabu 6 Juni. Saya mengubah jadwal.Anak-anak yang absen minggu ini akan melakukan pelajaran “Pergi ke Dokter” pada Rabu 30 Mei. Semua orang (putra dan putri) akan bertemu lagi di kelas pada tanggal 6 Juni untuk pelajaran ini, “Pergi ke Bank dan Kantor Pos.”

Speaking II Bank and Post Office Vocab

If you have questions, please email me. Any boy who missed his mini-presentation must present this Wednesday June 6th.


Speaking II Vocab: “Going to the Doctor”

15 May

Speaking II Doctor Vocab

Next week, we will talk about health and sickness. Please remember to review the parts of the body for this assignment. Look at the diagram above for extra help. (This kid is crazy looking! Ha!)

Speaking II Vocab: “Travel”

9 May

Hi Speaking II Students! I hope you enjoyed your break. Below I have 3 items for you:

Get ready to become jet-setters!

Speaking II Vocabulary: “Restaurants”

5 Apr

Hey guys! Great job in class yesterday. I had a lot of fun watching the shopping role play. If I ever need to go bargaining, I will bring you along.

First of all, here are the the 3 parts to your mid-term exam. (I will give you the grading rubric and dates/times of the exam in class next Wednesday.)

Part I: Question and Answer

Themes: Going to School and Growing Up

I will ask you 3-4 questions about your life, both when you were growing up and now that you are a student at UMS. Answers must be given in full sentences. Answers should be given in the correct past tense or present tense. Please review the vocabulary and notes from Weeks 2 and 3 to prepare.

Part II: Description

Themes: Weather/Seasons

I will show you a picture and you must predict the weather based on that picture. Answers must be given in full sentences. Answers should be given in the future tense. Please review the vocabulary from Week 4 to prepare.

Part III: Dialogue

Themes: Making Invitations, Going Shopping, and Ordering at Restaurants

On the day of the exam, you will choose a card that gives a scenario and explains the characters (customer, salesperson, waiter, etc). You will then begin a dialogue with me. To demonstrate your knowledge, you should study the vocabulary and notes related to the three themes above. The dialogue should last for 2-3 minutes.

Secondly, here is the new vocabulary for this week:

Speaking II Restaurant Vocab

Have a great long weekend!

Week 6- “Going Shopping”

29 Mar

Speaking II Shopping Vocab

Don’t feel overwhelmed like this girl about shopping! Just take a look at the new vocabulary sheet and you will feel much better.

There are also a ton of other helpful websites including:

Speaking II Vocabulary: “Party”

25 Mar

Sorry this is so late this week. Remember that this week’s lesson will be about how to throw a party and how to invite people to your party.

Speaking II Throwing a Party Vocab

Speaking II Vocabulary: Weather

15 Mar


This week’s vocabulary comes from ESL Resources’ WordPress account. I do not take credit for it, but I do encourage you all to browse the website for more educational materials. I will give you vocabulary about the seasons in class.


Here is the schedule for the mini-presentations. If your name does not have a topic next to it, you must put your topic on my desk immediately. If your name does not appear, please SMS me to fix the problem.

Speaking II Presentation Schedule