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Speaking I Notes 03.10.2011

3 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know I had a lot of fun today. I can’t wait to hear about your vacations next Monday!

Charades [Review of the Present Continuous]:

-What is she/he doing?

-She/He is….

  • riding a horse
  • planting flowers
  • driving a car
  • sweeping the floor
  • playing the guitar
  • playing tennis
  • sewing clothes
  • washing dishes
  • crying
  • laughing
  • cooking food
  • swimming
  • sleeping
  • searching/looking for something
  • taking a shower


Partner Question and Answer: Past Simple, Present Perfect, and Future

Time Word What Did You Do? What Have You Done? What Will You Do?
Yesterday X    
Last week X    
Last month X    
2 days ago X    
the day before yesterday X    
In 2008 X    
In 1995 X    
Last September X    
Today   X X
This week   X X
This year   X X
In college   X X
Tomorrow     X
Next week     X
Next month     X
2 days from now     X
the day after tomorrow     X
In 2012     X
In 2020     X
Next September     X

Vacation Narrative [Model of the Past Simple]:

Last July, I went on vacation to Paris. I stayed there for 1 week. First, I went to the café to drink coffee and eat cheese. Then, I visited the Eiffel Tower. I also visited many churches. I took lots of pictures. I ate lots of delicious food and went shopping every day. I spent all of my money. Finally, I went to the king’s castle called Versailles. It was beautiful. At last, I returned home.


Timeline Homework: Remember to draw your timelines! If you Google “timeline,” I am sure many examples will come up.


Do, Did, Done, Does, Doing…

2 Oct

This post is particularly for my Speaking I students, but can benefit anyone who wants some extra help with verb tenses. I may be a native speaker of English but I STILL get verb tenses confused sometimes.

There is a great website: http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/courses/elc/studyzone/330/grammar/

You can explore any of the sections, which will have both a mini lesson and practice tests. In Speaking I class, we reviewed the Simple Past, Present Perfect, Present Continuous, and Future tenses. So, clicking on those examples would be a good place to start. After taking the mini quizzes, try to say every sentence OUT LOUD. The more you say any sentence out loud, the easier it will be to remember later.

There are also other types of grammar and levels of grammar to explore!