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More Online Resources

20 Dec

I know that last thing any of you want is more homework but these websites offer really helpful worksheets and quizzes. I would be more than happy to grade, read, or answer any questions that you have. Just remember I am always here to help!


Textbook Websites: Even though you don’t own the textbook, these websites have a lot of great online study materials.


UsingEnglish.com: I love this website. Any grammar pattern you want to practice is available. Worksheets can be turned into quizzes too.


Personality Quizzes: This is just for fun! I love learning about what color I am or what my fashion sense says about me. Quiz Rocket has some great selections.


Perk Up Those Ears

13 Nov


What I have realized about learning a different language is that in order to remember vocabulary, you have to read, write, speak, and listen. Speaking can be intimidating and hard to do if there aren’t other English speakers around. Listening, though, can always be done in your spare time. Imagine people who had to learn English 15 years ago without the internet! Thankfully, you all can go online whenever you want, so here are some helpful websites:

  • Voice of America: This is an English news website that provides the audio and written transcript of each news story. You can even look up words in an online dictionary by clicking them. Very cool!http://www.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/
  • Lyrics Training: Sometimes just listening to news can be boring or depressing. That’s why this website is an awesome alternative. You get to pick the music video you want to watch, then pick your level (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert), and then fill in the blanks. You can even create a free account and compete against others for the highest score. http://www.lyricstraining.com/
  • TED: This website is for a little more advanced English speakers. TED provides videos of tons of inspirational speeches, everything from science to the arts to current global issues. The cool thing about TED is that most speeches also have an interactive transcript so you can listen in English, and either read the Indonesian translation or read along in English. There is a subtitle option too.   http://www.ted.com/

Beaucoup Buku!

9 Oct

I know this blog is about speaking English but I could not help typing such a funny title. This post is about where you can find “beaucoup buku” or in English, “lots of books.”

I know you all are very busy, but some of you have also talked about how you would like to start a book club. Book clubs are pretty common in America. Each month, a group of people get together to eat snacks and discuss the book they’ve read for that month. So, I thought: Let’s start an English book club at UMS!

On http://www.planetebook.com/ , you can find lots of different choices. For October though, I want to read Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Fairy tales pop up all the time in American culture. Little Red Riding Hood was just made into a movie and a Snow White movie will be coming out soon. Each fairy tale is short, so you will all have plenty of time to read at least a few. You can download the whole book for FREE here: http://www.planetebook.com/ebooks/Grimms-Fairy-Tales.pdf.

Let’s try to read up until page 56 or until the end of “The Fisherman and His Wife.” At the end of October, I will set up a time for us to all meet, eat some delicious food together, and talk about the book.

Do, Did, Done, Does, Doing…

2 Oct

This post is particularly for my Speaking I students, but can benefit anyone who wants some extra help with verb tenses. I may be a native speaker of English but I STILL get verb tenses confused sometimes.

There is a great website: http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/courses/elc/studyzone/330/grammar/

You can explore any of the sections, which will have both a mini lesson and practice tests. In Speaking I class, we reviewed the Simple Past, Present Perfect, Present Continuous, and Future tenses. So, clicking on those examples would be a good place to start. After taking the mini quizzes, try to say every sentence OUT LOUD. The more you say any sentence out loud, the easier it will be to remember later.

There are also other types of grammar and levels of grammar to explore!

IELTS Practice

2 Oct

I am looking out the window and it looks suspiciously like it might rain! For those rainy afternoons, here is a website which offers an example IELTS Speaking Test. Please notice how the test is divided into 3 parts.

1st Part: The interviewer will ask some basic questions about your hometown, job, school, hobbies, dll.

2nd Part: The interviewer will give you a prompt and you must prepare to speak for a full 1-2 minutes by yourself! Example: What person do you admire most?

3rd Part: The interviewer will then begin a discussion with you related to the topic from Part 2. Ex. What kinds of people are most influential in society? Who are some heroes from your country? Why are they heroes? Why do people admire them?

See for yourself:


P.S. Take a good look at their Speaking Tips!