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Speaking 3 Homework (NEW)

8 Nov


Choose the Correct Answer:

1. Students may feel more _______ (comfort/comfortable) asking their parents about sex than asking their teachers.

2. Sex education can give students information on how to_______ (do/have) sex safely.

3. I would like to ________ (summarize/summary) on the topic of sex education.

4. Unprotected sex can________ (cause/make) some negative effects.

5. With sex education, students can better_______ (understood/understand) the responsibilities associated with casual sex.

6. Some fear that sex education will cause teenagers to lose their ________ (morality/moral) values.

7. In order _______ (for/to) students to know the impact of sex, sex education should be implemented in high schools.

8. _______ (From a social perspective/In social aspect), educating young people is important so they can decide for themselves.

9. HIV/AIDS causes humans to______ (dead/die).

10. Let me give you an ______ (explanation/explain) about preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

11. ______ (Firstly/In the first), studies show that girls achieve greater levels of success when taught separately from boys.

12. Regarding separate sex education, I would like to ______ (oppose/opposite) your opinion.


Choose the Correct Sentence:

A. Sex is the privacy and personal problem.

B. Sex is a private and personal problem.


A. Some parents worry sex education will increase the rate of having sex freely.

B. Some parents do worrying sex education will increase free sex.


A. Parents more know about their children so it is more good for children to learn about sex from them.

B. Parents know more about their children so it is better for children to learn about sex from them.


A. Getting HIV/AIDS can destroy people’s futures.

B. Getting HIV/AIDS is can be destroy people’s futures.


A. Class is more enjoy and benefit for students if boys and girls attend to separate schools.

B. Class is more enjoyable and beneficial for students if boys and girls attend separate schools.