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Cross-Cultural Learning Program

11 Sep

Exciting News!

I am starting an English extracurricular program with UMS. It will be every week until December (except for UTS) on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 4-5:30. Whether you want to learn about other cultures or practice your English with native speakers, this program will be a good experience.


You can find out more information here: Schedule and Syllabus

If you have any questions, you can send me a Facebook message at Rachel Wisthuff and don’t forget to sign up in the Kantor Bahasa Inggris.


I’m Back

11 Sep


Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted a blog entry in a very long time. Over the school break, I did a little traveling. I went to Sulawesi with my best friend from the U.S. and I went to Malaysia to process my new visa. Although I am not an English teacher with FKIP Bahasa Inggris, I will still be on campus. I would love to still meet and practice English with all of you!