Speaking Final Project

4 Jun

Here are the directions for the Speaking II and IV Final Projects. Please ask me if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to being in the audience!

Speaking II Final Project Directions

Description: Write and create a drama to be performed in class

Due Date: Wednesday July 4

Time Length: 8-10 minutes

Directions: In groups of 4 or 5, you will create a drama/skit for class. You will be randomly assigned your topic. Topics include going to the bank, going to the doctor, going to a restaurant, going on a date, going to the airport, or going to a hotel.


1) Group members must share all the dialogue equally, with about the same number of lines.

2) Groups must have all or almost all their dialogue memorized so that it sounds natural.

3) Groups must use the vocabulary related to their topic.

4) Costumes, props, and scenery are highly encouraged.

5) The drama must meet the time requirement. One letter grade will be deducted for every minute the drama is too short . (Example: If your drama is 7 minutes, the highest grade you can receive is a B. If your drama is 6 minutes, the highest grade you can receive is a C.) This means you must rehearse before class to make sure your drama is long enough.


Content: Vocabulary/Conversations 35%

Fluency: Presentation/Flow of Speech 25%

Grammar/Pronunciation: 25%

Creativity: 15%

Optional Rough Draft: You may email copy of your script to me early so I can make corrections to your grammar and give other feedback. You must email me before Wednesday June 20. If you email me after, I will not be able to look at your script.



Speaking IV Final Project Directions

Assignment: With a partner, you must create a presentation. This presentation must first provide information about a problem and then offer your opinion about how people can solve that problem. This project will combine informational and persuasive speaking in an academic setting.

Your topic/problem must be approved by me by Friday June 15. Examples include traffic congestion, environmental harm from mining natural resources, drug addiction, student plagiarism, and many others.

Due Date: In class on Monday June 25 and Monday July 2

Time Length: 8 minutes with a 2 minute Q&A session


1) Partners must turn in a typed outline [formal notes] of their presentation. Without an outline, I will be forced to deduct 10% from your overall grade. [Example: An 85% would become a 75%]

2) Partners must provide a photo copied handout for every student so that the class may follow along during the presentation. Without a handout, I will be forced to deduct 5% from your overall grade.

3) Partners may have notes during their presentation, but these notes should be mostly memorized. No reading is allowed.

4) Presentations must include a visual aid such as charts, graphs, PowerPoint, advertisements, posters, etc. Effort and creativity surrounding your visual aid will increase your overall grade.

5) Partners must do equal amounts of work, both to prepare and during the presentation.

6) Partners must attend their assigned presentation date. Tardiness and/or absence will lower your overall grade and may result in a 0.


Content Matter: Problems [Facts]/Solutions [Opinions]/Evidence 25%

Manner of Speech: Natural Flow/Posture/Volume/Clarity 25%

Organization: Effective Opening/Conclusion/Transitions 25%

English Competence: Grammar/Vocabulary/Pronunciation 25%


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