Speaking IV Notes: Master of Ceremonies (MC/Emcee)

25 May

Definition: Host of a staged, important event

Examples: Academic conferences, business/corporate events, concerts, fairs, weddings and birthdays [although not typical in the US]


  • Open the event. Welcome the audience. Get everybody’s attention. Explain what the event is and why people are here
  • Problem solve. If something goes wrong, step in to fix it.
  • Keep event organized. Make sure the event is in order and on time.
  • Be entertaining. Set the tone of the event. Is it a funny/light hearted event? Serious  and somber event?
  • Say thank you. Make sure you thank the participants, organizers, attendees, sponsors, dll.
  • Introductions. You should introduce and highlight the accomplishments of every speaker. Give enough background information for the audience.
    • Pronounce names correctly [“Please welcome Mr. Siaogibniusdgkjb?”]
    • Fact check [“She has written 2….I mean 20….books.]

Tips and Tricks:

  • Keep it short. You are not the star so don’t steal the spotlight.
  • Never read. Always speak out to the audience.
  • Don’t leave the speaker hanging. Always wait until s/he reaches the microphone.
  • Lead the applause. Nobody likes an awkward clap.

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