Speaking IV Notes: Advertising Tools and Tricks

24 Apr

Charts and Graphs: Pictorial evidence to influence the shopper


Company A’s sales increased, rose, soared, surged [more extreme], rocketed [most extreme], etc.

Company B’s sales decreased, fell, dropped, plummeted [extreme], etc.

Company C’s sales stayed flat, remained constant, held steady, etc.


Company A’s sales sped up while Company B’s sales slowed down.


Company B has the highest consumer satisfaction rating, while Company C has the lowest consumer satisfaction rating.

*Note: These are generic graphs. Always be sure to label the x-axis, y-axis, and data, as well as the units of the data.

Slogans:  A short memorable phrase used in advertising

  • I’m lovin’ it. [McDonald’s]
  • Live, love, laugh [Blackberry]
  • Drivers wanted [Volkswagen]


Logos: A symbol or small design used to identify a product



Surveys and Studies: Positive results are used to help sell the product

  • Examples: 4 out of 5 dentists prefer Colgate toothpaste.

              9 out of 10 moms choose Dove’s body wash



Before and After: Used to show the effectiveness of the product




“Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!”


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