Speaking IV Midterm Exam

14 Apr

Task: Create a TV News Program

Date: Monday, April 16 2012

Time: No preparation is needed before class. 20-25 minutes to prepare. Each group should speak for at least 5 minutes.

Rules: A small script is allowed, but reading is not allowed. If you read your notes, I will ask to take those notes away. Also, all group members must speak equally.

Groups: 3-4 people. I will choose randomly who will present first, second, etc.

Part 1: On the day of the exam, I will give each group 2 news headlines. Your group will be responsible for giving news reports based on the headlines. If you are unfamiliar with the news story, then you may make up your own facts. This will test your informational speaking abilities. You should present only facts, not opinions. Remember to organize your news with an introduction, middle, and conclusion. Transition words should also be included.

Part 2: On the day of the exam, I will also give each group 1 product. Your group will be responsible for creating a short commercial to promote that product. This will test your persuasive speaking abilities. You should use different kinds of appeals to get the audience to buy your product.

Order: The news program should be organized like this:

  1. News Report #1
  2. Commercial Break
  3. News Report #2


20%: Group Performance Grade (based on the overall success of the performance, focused mainly on content, organization, etc.)

80%: Personal Speaking Ability (content, fluency, expression, grammar, etc.)


**I apologize for posting this so late. If you have any concerns or questions, please SMS me.


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