Speaking IV Notes: Persuasive Speaking

3 Apr

Persuasive Speaking Graded Assignment: Promoting a Product

Speaking IV Persuasive Speaking 


Persuasive speaking leads the audience make a choice or form an opinion.

Informational Speaking only teaches, telling about all the choices and opinions. Persuasive speaking directs the audience to a certain choice or opinion.

3 Kinds of Persuasion:

-Questions of Fact (True or False)

  • Example: Global warming will destroy the earth.

-Questions of Value (Good or Bad)

  • Example: Riding your bicycle is better for the environment than driving.

-Questions of Policy (Laws; Rules)

  • Example: The government should fine companies who emit fossil fuels.

Goal: By the end, you want the audience to agree with you or believe you.

  • Call to Action (“Go vote for me today!”)
  • Passive Agreement

Methods of Persuasion– How do you change audience opinion?

  1. Pathos- Emotional Appeal
  2. Logos- Rational Appeal (2+2=4)
  3. Ethos- Credibility Appeal
    • Supporting Materials- Examples, Statistics, Testimonials
    • BEWARE of Leaps in Logic (Generalizations, Stereotypes, etc.)

Format– How do you organize your persuasive speech?

  • Problem
  • Cause
  • Solution (s)


  1. Attention
  2. Need (Problem)
  3. Satisfaction (Solutions)
  4. Visualization (The Plan)
  5. Action (Motivational Closing)

(Called Monroe’s Motivated Sequence)


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