Speaking II Notes: Week 5

30 Mar

-Accepting Invitations:

Person 1: Hey Dila. I’m having a party on Saturday night. I really hope/wish you would come.

Person 2: I have been very busy lately. Let me check the calendar. Hm…Actually, it looks like I am free on Saturday.

Person 1: Great. Do you promise to come?

Person 2: Of course. Can I help you with anything?

Person 1: Could you bring some dessert?

Person 2: I’ll bring dessert only if I can buy it because I don’t know how to bake.

Person 1: Yeah, no problem. See you at 8 on Saturday.

Person 2: I can’t wait.

-Declining Invitations:

Person 1: Did you hear? Dila is throwing a party on Saturday night. She told me you can come.

Person 2: I can’t decide. It sounds like fun but I have to be up really early on Saturday morning. Maybe I should stay at home.

Person 1: I really wish you would change your mind/reconsider. It will only be fun if you are there.

Person 2: I’m sorry. I just don’t think I can. I promise to hang out with you both next weekend. In fact, how about next weekend we all go to the beach together?

Person 1: Okay. That sounds good. I hope you get some rest.

Person 2: Thanks and tell Dila thank you for the invite/invitation.

In, At, On

  • 1. The party is __ON_ Saturday night.
  • 2. Do we have enough space __IN__ the house?
  • 3. The event starts ___AT__ 8 o’clock.
  • 4. What food should we put __ON_ the table?
  • 5. We can put the stereo __AT__ the bottom of the stairs.
  • 6. Look at the tickets. What row are we sitting __IN__?
  • 7. The directions to the wedding say “Turn left __AT__ the light.”
  • 8. We usually have a barbeque __IN___ June.
  • 9. Her apartment is __ON__ the right side of the street.
  • 10. Who is _AT__ the door? It must be one of our guests.
  • Bonus: When will the bridal shower be held? It will be held _ON_ April 7th.
  • Bonus: The party will be held __ON/AT_ the beach.
  • Bonus: What will we do _ AT_ the party?

Tag Questions

For a great explanation of tag questions, visit this website: http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/verbs-questions-tag.htm


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