Speaking II Notes- Weeks 3&4

23 Mar

Growing Up:

· I was born on/in…

· I was raised by….

· I grew up in….

· I had many toys including….

· During my childhood, I remember when…

· My parents did not allow me to…

· I got along with….

· I was a _______ child.

· I have _____ siblings.

· I had to do chores like…

· I went on a school field trip to…

· I used school supplies such as…

· I did extracurricular activities like…

Talking About the Weather

How is the weather? / What’s it like out[side]?

  • It is 20 degrees.
  • It is raining.
  • It is rainy.
  • There is heavy/light rain.
  • It is rain.

You can also say: Conditions are bad/good/cloudy/sunny.

What’s the weather forecast [prakiraan cuaca]?

  • They are calling for blue skies.
  • They are predicting blue skies.
  • There will be blue skies.
  • It will be blue skies. 
  • It will be [adjective]. For example, it will be snowy, sunny, cloudy, etc.

Will it rain?

  • It will likely rain.
  • It will probably rain.
  • There is a __ chance of rain.


-It will be 20 until to 24 degrees.

-The weather will get more worse. 

-We had better to wear a scarf and bring an umbrella.

-I am report reporting from ABC news. Now I want to reporting report about…


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