Speaking IV Week 2

5 Mar

Hello to all of you! I was in such a good mood after classes today because everybody worked so hard to speak English and try out new vocabulary.

Below are the class notes, as well as the class schedule and directions for the first assignment on informative speaking, due next Monday, March 12.

Speaking IV Schedule & Agenda -This contains directions for the Informative Speaking Assignment.

5 Important Tips for Informative Speaking

  • Educates the audience
  • Offers a neutral point of view (POV)
  • Shows and tells
  • Uses examples (be specific)
  • Understands the audience

Remember informative speaking is about presenting the facts, not convincing the audience of your opinion.


Transitions are either a) sentences that review or preview your ideas or b) short words and phrases called signposts.

Transitions are important because the create a connection or link between ideas. This flow helps the audience better understand the speaker.

Signposting alerts the audience to when the speaker is about to switch topics. Here are examples:


First(ly); Second(ly); Third(ly); Lastly

To begin with; Then; Next; Additionally; In addition; Finally

Moreover; Furthermore; Besides that; After that


Like…unlike; Similarly…contrastingly; On the one hand…on the other hand

Although; Yet; But; However; Still; Nevertheless

Results and Summary:

Therefore; Consequently; As a result

In conclusion; To summarize; In short; In the end


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