Speaking I Final Exam

23 Dec


Speaking I Final Examination

Lecturer: Rachel Wisthuff

Part I: Film

Directions: In groups of 5-6 people, you will make a 10-12 minute film. The film should be at least 80% dialogue and should be filmed all around campus and all over Solo. Every person should have about the same number of lines to memorize. You should write your own script and turn in a final copy of the typed script to me on the day of the final examination. Also on the day of the final exam, we will watch the films together as a class.

Concept: Some of you are new tourists in Solo. You are traveling around the city, visiting lots of new places and meeting lots of new people. Because this is your first time in Solo, you also need lots of help and advice. You need to ask for directions, about train/bus/plane schedules, for reviews of restaurants, tourist destinations, etc. You also want to introduce yourself to many new people to learn about Solo from the “locals.”


    • 2-3 tourists
    • 3-4 Solo residents [Example: tour guides, sellers, becek drivers, etc.]


Your film must include phrases/dialogue that we practiced in class. The film must include:

· Characters introducing themselves

· Characters asking “WH-?” questions

· Characters asking for help

· Characters giving advice

· Characters expressing opinions

· Characters giving reviews

· Characters talking about past and future plans

· Characters describing their environment

· Characters expressing emotions

· Adverbs of frequency, modal verbs, and prepositions of place


You can find notes about all of these topics on learningenglishsolo.wordpress.com

You may also email me a rough draft copy of the script by next Friday, December 30th which I will correct and return.

Grading Criteria:

Requirements (60%):

A- All requirements fulfilled

B- Most requirements fulfilled

C- Some requirements fulfilled

D- A few requirements fulfilled

E- No requirements fulfilled

Creativity (20%):

  • Dialogue should be interesting, natural-sounding, and fluid
  • Film should have a story with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Props, costumes, various locations, sound effects are encouraged

Grammar (15%):

A- Perfect

B- Good

C- Average

D- Poor

E- Unintelligible

Pronunciation (5%)

Part II: Movie Review

Directions: After watching all the films, I will ask each student to individually give me a 1-2 minute review of one of the movies. These reviews will also take place during the day of the final examination. This is not a dialogue so you (not I) must speak for the full 1-2 minutes. In your review, you can:

  • Describe the movie, characters, scenery, etc.
  • Talk about what you loved, liked, disliked, or hated
  • Express your opinions
  • Compare the film to other films

Grading Criteria:

  • Grammar- 30%
  • Fluency- 30%
  • Time Length- 10%
  • Vocabulary- 10%
  • Creativity- 20%

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