Speaking I Notes 28.11.2011

13 Dec

Daily Activities

Daily Life

Adverbs of Frequency

Always (100%)—>Usually–>Often–>Sometimes (50%)–>Rarely–>Never (0%)

[Remember: Rarely = Hardly Ever = Almost Never]


1. She rarely does her homework.

2. He usually comes to class early.

3. Because she’s a vegetarian, she never eats chicken.

4. He is always tired. [When using the verb “to be,” the adverb comes after.]


Verb Modals

  • Want/Need/Like- These verbs are all followed by the infinitive.
  • Examples: He often wants to go running/I sometimes like to go shopping.


  • Must/Should- These verbs are followed by the basic form of a verb.
  • Example: You should always remember your friends’ birthdays.
  • NOT: You should always to remember you friends’ birthdays.


Useful Vocabulary

  • Chore- Pekerjaan rumah
  • Participate- Ikut
  • Relax- Bersantai
  • Interview- Berwawancara


Useful Questions

1. What chores must you do everyday?

2. What do you do in your free/spare time?

3. When do you usually take a shower?

4. What time should you leave for school/campus?

5. What do you never eat for lunch?

6. What clubs or activities do you participate in?

7. How much time do you spend on homework per day?

8. When can you hang out with friends?

9. How often do you watch TV per week?

10. How many hours a week do you spend online?

11. What time do you eat dinner?

12. What do you usually want to do at night?

13. What time do you often go to sleep?

14. What do you sometimes do on the weekend?

15. In a week, what do you try to do to relax?

Great Web Link:  (If you want extra practice)


Important Reminders:

  • How Long vs. How Often: I exercise 4 days a week [how often] for 1 hour [how long].
  • In, At, On:
    • In….the morning, December, the Spring, the evening
    • At…3 o’clock, 10 pm, night
    • On…Friday, April 1st, the weekend

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