Perk Up Those Ears

13 Nov


What I have realized about learning a different language is that in order to remember vocabulary, you have to read, write, speak, and listen. Speaking can be intimidating and hard to do if there aren’t other English speakers around. Listening, though, can always be done in your spare time. Imagine people who had to learn English 15 years ago without the internet! Thankfully, you all can go online whenever you want, so here are some helpful websites:

  • Voice of America: This is an English news website that provides the audio and written transcript of each news story. You can even look up words in an online dictionary by clicking them. Very cool!
  • Lyrics Training: Sometimes just listening to news can be boring or depressing. That’s why this website is an awesome alternative. You get to pick the music video you want to watch, then pick your level (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert), and then fill in the blanks. You can even create a free account and compete against others for the highest score.
  • TED: This website is for a little more advanced English speakers. TED provides videos of tons of inspirational speeches, everything from science to the arts to current global issues. The cool thing about TED is that most speeches also have an interactive transcript so you can listen in English, and either read the Indonesian translation or read along in English. There is a subtitle option too.

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