Kingston Personality Homework

9 Nov

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People’s Personality

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Look at the following list of personality traits. Decide if they are good or bad.

Generous Mature Greedy
Brave Forgiving Impatient
Stingy Lazy Hardworking
Moody Outgoing Shy
Kind Easygoing Ignorant
Mean Stubborn Open-minded
Reliable Unreliable Affectionate
Honest Deceitful Arrogant
Shallow Intelligent Annoying
Rude Polite Confident


  1. Which of these traits describe you?
  2. Which of these traits describe your parents?
  3. My ideal friend is . . .
  4. My ideal girlfriend is . . .


Personality Definitions [using your own words]

A stingy person is someone who counts their money.

A lazy person is ____________________________

A moody person is ____________________________

An honest person is____________________________

An impatient person is ___________________________

An ambitious person is ___________________________

An arrogant person is ___________________________

A shy person is ____________________________

An easygoing person is ___________________________


Word Bank

Ambitious Arrogant Assertive Bad-tempered
Calm Conscientious Easygoing Eccentric
Funny Immature Insecure Impulsive
Loyal Open-minded Optimistic Possessive
Reserved Self-Confident Stubborn Vain
Well-Balanced Wise Cheerful Insincere


Match the adjectives with phrases 1-20.

She’s the kind (sort) of person who…

  1. Always looks at herself in every mirror she passes. _________
  2. Takes care to do things carefully and correctly. _________
  3. Is prepared to accept new and different ideas. _________
  4. Doesn’t say what she really thinks. _________
  5. Other people often find different or unusual. _________
  6. Is fairly relaxed about most things. _________
  7. Is emotionally in control, not moody. ___well-balanced___
  8. Never changes her opinion even when she’s wrong. _________
  9. Expresses her ideas or opinions with confidence. _________
  10. Is always in a good mood. _________
  11. Feels sure about her ability to do things. _self-confident_
  12. Isn’t very sure about herself. _________
  13. Is determined to be successful. _________

He’s good at…

  1. Supporting his friends. _________
  2. Giving people advice because of his knowledge and experience. ________
  3. Keeping his head in a crisis. _________

She’s not very good at…

  1. Letting other people share her friends. _________
  2. Showing her feelings or expressing her opinions. _________

He tends to…

  1. Behave like a child. _________
  2. Act without thinking. _________
  3. Get angry very easily. _________
  4. Think he is better and more important than other people. _________
  5. Expect good things to happen. _________

She has/has got…

  1. A great sense of humor. _________

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