Speaking 3 Exam Directions

28 Oct

Speaking III Midterm Test

Sections A/B/C/D

Format: Direct Motions/Spontaneous Arguments

Students will pick a motion at random. No more than 2 students will have the same motion. Each student will be given 30 seconds to prepare after the motion has been given. After 30 seconds, if the student does not begin speaking, points will be deducted. Students may choose whether to argue the affirmative/government position or negative/opposition position.

Time Frame:

0:00-0:30 seconds Preparation Time

0:30-2:30 seconds Mandatory 2 Minutes Speaking

2:30-3:30 seconds Bonus Speaking Time

Students who speak for the full 2 minutes will receive a passing grade, while students who speak for 3 minutes will receive extra points. NO student will be allowed to speak over the 3 minute mark.


No written notes will be allowed. If a student reads a written argument, points will be deducted. Responses should be unprepared and unrehearsed.

Because of time limitations, it will be unnecessary to define the terms of the motion. Instead, concentrate on developing the best argument.

Students should pick EITHER the government or opposition position. However, if a student runs out of things to say about one position, it is better to continue speaking and switch sides than stop speaking.

No speaking from the rest of the class will be allowed. If students are caught speaking, they will not be able to take the midterm.

Grading Rubric:

Argument 40%

    • Reasoning 20%
    • Evidence 10%
    • Organization 10%

Presentation 25%

Length of Argument 15%

Grammar 15%

Pronunciation 5%


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