Speaking I Notes 17.10.2011

25 Oct


How to Describe Objects:

When talking about objects, remember you can think of your five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling/touching, smelling, and tasting. There are many adjectives that are connected with the five senses.


It looks…

  • Big/Small; Long/Short; Fat/Thin (Size)
  • Round/Rectangular/Circular/Triangular (Shape)
  • New/Old; Modern/Antique (Age)
  • Expensive/Cheap; Fancy/Plain; Full/Empty; Clean/Dirty; Broken (Quality)
  • Dark/Light; Shiny/Dull; White/Black/Red/Yellow/Blue/Dll (Color)


  1. A clock is round. It is shaped like a circle.
  2. This pen is small, long, and thin.
  3. Her backpack is medium sized, not too big or too small.
  4. A rainbow is full of color. It has red, yellow, green, blue, and purple color.


It sounds…

  • Loud/Soft; Noisy/Quiet (Volume)
  • Good/Bad; Pleasant/Unpleasant (Quality)
  • Like a whisper/gunshot/cry (Comparisons)


  1. That train sounds really noisy.
  2. The singer sounds bad.
  3. That traffic accident sounded like an explosion.


It feels…

  • Heavy/Light (Weight)
  • Hard/Soft; Rough/Smooth (Texture)
  • Hot/Cold; Warm/Cool (Temperature)
  • Wet/Dry


  1. Your clothes feel wet because you rode your motorbike home in the rain.
  2. This chair feels so heavy.
  3. Ice cream feels smooth and cool on my tongue.


It smells…

  • Good/Bad/Delicious/Rotten/Sweet/Stinky
  • Like trash/perfume/a locker room/flowers


  1. Baked bread smells delicious.
  2. The food in the refrigerator smells rotten.
  3. The hotel is very fancy. It smells like roses.


It tastes…

  • Sweet/Sour/Salty/Bitter/Spicy


  1. Sambal tastes spicy.
  2. This fruit is not ripe yet. It does not taste sweet. Instead, it tastes sour.

Important Notes:

  1. It looks small size. It is small. It has a small size.
  2. It uses to know the time. You can use it to know the time.
  3. It can use for communication. You can use it for communication.
  4. She is has a good smell.
  5. It shaped square. It has a square shape. It looks square.
  6. It’s made for from/out of wood.


You can also say, “It seems/It appears/It is…”              Or…

“It is made out of…. paper/plastic/metal/cloth/glass/dll”


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