Speaking I Midterm Test

25 Oct

Hi Speaking I students! First of all, I want to tell you how proud I am at your progress so far. I feel that every one of you has improved over these past 6 weeks. The midterm test is the best opportunity for you to display just how much you have learned.

I know tests can be stressful. (After all, I was taking midterms and final exams just this past May.) But, do NOT feel nervous! Just study the materials listed below, and all of you will pass the test with flying colors!!!!!

Part I

Using the book, Communicating in English by Walter Matreyek, I want you to copy the pages 2 through 8, 21-28, and 37-38. (Available at the Copy Center by the café.) Pay especially close attention to the suggested activities on pages 8, 25, and 38. During the test, I will pick one of these activities or scenarios, and ask you to do that role play with me. For help, look back at our lesson on conversations, greetings (Hi), and farewells (Bye). Remember that what you say in a conversation depends upon who is there and where you are speaking.

Part II

For the next part, I want you to read and study the 2 stories below. Both stories are about accidents. On the test, I will ask you questions like, “Who was hurt?” “What happened?” “Where were they?” Be prepared to answer other questions as well. For help, think back to the exercise we did in class where one partner was the police officer and the other was the witness.

Accident #1

Hanif, an 8 year old boy, was riding his bike home after school. When he came to a busy intersection, he got off of his bike to walk across the street. As he was waiting for the traffic light to change, a motorcycle came speeding around the corner. The motorcycle driver was going too fast and hit Hanif. Hanif fell down and his leg started bleeding. Lots of people rushed over to help Hanif including the driver. The driver, a young pretty woman, quickly called for an ambulance. Hanif was very brave and did not cry. After the doctors took care of his leg at the hospital, he was able to go home.

Accident #2

Yohana and her husband were painting their house one sunny, cool day. They had to use a ladder in order to reach the top of the house. When Yohana needed more paint, she called to her husband to hand the paint can to her, but the paint was too heavy. Yohana lost her balance and fell off of the ladder. She cried in pain because her arm was broken. Her husband comforted her while her neighbor pulled his car out of the garage to take her to the hospital. Yohana had to stay in the hospital overnight, but after the doctors gave her medicine, she felt much better.

Part III

For this part, I will give you the name of a familiar object and you must describe this object using at least 5 complete sentence. (I will take off points if sentences are incomplete.) For help, look at the blog post before this and review your notes about what adjectives you can use to describe objects/things.

Part IV

For this final part, I will ask you a couple of questions related to learning and speaking English. For example, I might ask you, “In your opinion, what is the hardest part about speaking English?” or “What can you do to practice speaking English, besides coming to Speaking I class?”

***Remember: There are no right or wrong answers. Just think ahead of time about your strengths and weaknesses, and what you can do to improve.

If you have any questions, you can email me rachelwisthuff@gmail.com or SMS me 082133604058.


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