Timeline Assignment

22 Oct


Hi Everyone! I loved reading your timelines. Here a few corrections that I think could help everyone. Please study these for your mid-term.

  1. I was born at on the 22nd of October 1988.
  2. In 1993, I was born in came into the world.
  3. In 1993, I was born in the world.
  4. I has was born in Sragen.
  5. I was born on in 1993.


  1. I was entered play groups.
  2. I entered/started/began at to elementary school. I did enter entered high school.
  3. I am studied in elementary school.
  4. I am graduated from junior high school.
  5. I continued my studied studies at senior high school.
  6. I past of graduated from senior high school.
  7. I be am a graduate of senior high school.


  1. In 2008, my relative was died.
  2. Before beginning at UMS, I was worked.
  3. I followed took final examinations. I am following taking a speaking class.
  4. When I started to school, at the first I was scared.
  5. I start learned learning at UMS.
  6. I go to school in at UMS.
  7. I am study studying at UMS.
  8. I am majoring in English.


  1. I am be will be a professional teacher.
  2. I hope that graduated I will graduate in 2014.
  3. I will be pass my studies.
  4. I hope to graduate in the year 2014.


  1. In 2015, I will worked.
  2. I want to get a good job and get married.
  3. I will have 2 childs children.
  4. I will be marriage get married.
  5. I will be a successful woman.
  6. I want for to help my husband earn a living.
  7. I will have a happy live life.
  8. I will life live happily.

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