Speaking I Notes 10.10. 2011

15 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it has taken me so long to type up these notes. If you can remember, on Monday, we practiced asking questions. You all are pros (professionals) at asking “yes or no” questions. So now it’s time to practice the “WH” questions:

  • Where
  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • Who
  • How

Remember that all of these questions are asking for information about something and they all follow a similar pattern:

Question Word / Auxiliary Verb (to be/to do) / Subject / Main Verb

Here are some examples:

Information About…

Question Word

Auxiliary (Helping)Verb

Subject Main Verb  
Places Where is your motor?  
Things What is her name?  
Reasons Why were you laughing?  
Time When did they arrive?  
People Who —— —— works at the bank?
Way/Manner How does she earn money?
*Always remember that the auxiliary verb comes before the subject.
Here are even more examples:
1. Where does he live?       He lives in Solo.
2. Why do you study English?    I study because I want to become a teacher.
3. How does she wash her clothes?    She washes her clothes by hand.
4. Who are you waiting for?     I am waiting for my boyfriend.
Last Reminders:
Right: I started or entered university in 2011. 
Wrong: I joined with/to university in 2011.
Right: I enjoyed my vacation very much.
Wrong: I very very enjoyed my vacation.
Right: On vacation, I went shopping.
Wrong: On vacation, I went to shopping.
Right: I graduated from senior high school in 2011.
Wrong: I was graduated from senior high school in 2011.
And for all my music lovers out there, this is the classic rock anthem “Who Are You?” by the Who: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLIerfXuZ4

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