Speaking III 5.10.2011 Notes

7 Oct

Hi Speaking III students! I am sorry we had to rush through this exercise in class but here are the “fill-in-the-blanks” featuring MANY/MUCH/A LOT OF.

1. Saudi Arabia has so ___much______ oil.

2. In Indonesia, there are ___many/a lot of__different cultures.

3. You can also find _____a lot of_____ nature in Indonesia.

4. Some students said that Indonesia has too ___much_____ pollution.

5. Indonesia only has 2 seasons: rainy season and dry season, so there are not __many____ types of weather.

6. A country that has a population problem has too _____many____ people.

7. Japan has ____a lot of____ sophisticated technology.

8. Many people think Japan is a developed country because it has so __many_____ different industries.

9. Somalia has ____many/ a lot of_____ starving children. There is not __much______ to eat.

10. Canada provides ___many/ a lot of_____ educational opportunities.

11. In Ethiopia, people do not receive __1)_much 2) a lot of_____ education.

12. Students agreed that there is ___1) a lot of__2) much__ violence in Palestine.

13. Some people believe The USA has __1) a lot of 2) much___ influence over the rest of the world.

14. People think that India is polluted because it has __a lot of______ garbage/rubbish.

15. East Timor is poor because it does not have ____many/ a lot of_____ resources.

16. Australia has ____many/ a lot of_____ unique animals.

17. South Korea is a popular country because it has ___many____ kinds of entertainment.

18. Students also stated that South Korea has ___a lot of______ great fashion.

19. This television program helped me to understand __1) a lot of  2) much___ information.

20. When I went to the museum, I learned _1) many 2) a lot of__ pieces of information.

21. Since I last saw him, not ___much______ has changed about him.

22. Do not spend __much/ a lot of____ time taking the test.

23. How ____much___ money do you earn?

24. How ___many____ times have you seen this movie?



1. Countable nouns (apples, desks, dll) are paired with “many.” But, uncountable nouns (education, fashion, pollution, crime, violence, nature, dll) are paired with “much.” If you are unsure which to use, it is safest to say “a lot of.”

2. When speaking, it is more common to say “a lot of” instead of “many” or “much.” For formal writing however, it is oftentimes better to write “many” or “much” instead of “a lot of.”

3. When asking a question, usually people say “many” or “much.”            Examples: How much does that cost? How many people will come to the party?

4. When replying in the negative, using “many” or “much” is also more common. Examples: I do not have many friends. That apple did not cost much money.

5. Although there is no grammatical rule against this, saying “a lot OF types OF” or “a lot OF kinds OF” sounds a bit awkward.


And now…. for some Great Debating Vocabulary!!!

Stating an Opinion:

-In my opinion…
-I think/believe/feel that…
-It seems to me that…
-The point is….
-Don’t you agree that…?


-That’s a good point but…
-I see what you mean however…
-I disagree…
-I think you are wrong…


Last but not least, here is the link for the rules of Australasian Debate:



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