IELTS Practice

2 Oct

I am looking out the window and it looks suspiciously like it might rain! For those rainy afternoons, here is a website which offers an example IELTS Speaking Test. Please notice how the test is divided into 3 parts.

1st Part: The interviewer will ask some basic questions about your hometown, job, school, hobbies, dll.

2nd Part: The interviewer will give you a prompt and you must prepare to speak for a full 1-2 minutes by yourself! Example: What person do you admire most?

3rd Part: The interviewer will then begin a discussion with you related to the topic from Part 2. Ex. What kinds of people are most influential in society? Who are some heroes from your country? Why are they heroes? Why do people admire them?

See for yourself:

P.S. Take a good look at their Speaking Tips!


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