Speaking I Notes 26.09.11

26 Sep

Hi Everyone!

I realized it would be easier for me to just post the class notes on this blog.

Activity One [Answer Key]:

1. That is (she/her) pencil on the floor.
2. (He/him) has 2 younger brothers.
3. (She/her) favorite sport is basketball.
4. Where (was/were) you born?
5. Where (was/were) he going?
6.What (was/were) they talking about?
7. (They/them) like to go on vacation.
8. His hobbies (is/are) reading and traveling.
9.  His hobby (is/are) playing computer games.
10. I like to write (story/stories).
11. This bag belongs to (they/them).
12. You (have/has) one pet bird.
13. Her room (have/has) a bed and a desk.
14. Their house (has/have) 2 bathrooms.
15. I often listen to (music/musics) because I like to hear new (song/songs).


Activity Two [Answer Key]:

1. to listen to music
2. to make plans
3. to go running
4. to take photographs
5. to read the newspaper
6. to go online
7. to take a break
8. to do homework
9. to play [the] piano
10. to play football



  • Formal: “Hello. How do you do?” “How have you been?”
  • Informal: “Hey. What’s up?” “What’s new?” “How’s it going?”
  • Unfamiliar: “Excuse me. May I ask you a question?” “Pardon me.” “Do you have a minute?”

Conversations [When Speaking]:

  • “How are you?” –I’m well/fine/not too bad. –Same as always. -I’m tired/upset.
  • “What’s up?” –Nothing much/Not too much.
  • “I want to talk to you about…” “I have an idea…” “I just thought of something…” “That reminds me of something…” “What do you think about…?”

Conversations [When Listening]:

  • “Sure” “That’s true” “Uh-huh.”
  • “Really?” “Seriously?” “Are you kidding me?”
  • “Of course” “I understand” “I see what you mean”
  • “That’s too bad” “I’m sorry”
  • “That’s interesting”


  • Formal: “Good bye.” “Take care.” “Nice to meet you.” “Thank you for talking with me.”
  • Informal: “See you later.” “See ya.” “Have fun!”
  • Making Excuses: “I’m sorry but I must go…” “If you’ll excuse me…” “Can I interrupt you for a minute?”

Remember the more you practice these the easier it will become. Even little words like “hello” and “goodbye” are important!


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